Important Notice Stop Speeding or Leave Well Here we are Now in April 2017 and Aldo Has made a decision.  I have talked to many people about speeding in the park. This is a crime that is hard and costly to enforce. But one way or another we will slow you speeders down. I realize that 15 KPH is a bit slow but if we raise it speeding will just increase. I have talked to many and found its is going to take a lot of work to slow down the speeders. Some of you I’m sure are not even aware that your speeding. This is a victimless crime until something happens. We are trying to avoid you from hitting a 100 year old person backing out of their driveway, or worse killing someone’s pet. Oh yea, our 100 year old driver doesn’t speed. The Decision  1.      You will receive 2 verbal warnings 2.      You will receive 2 written warnings 3.      You will receive 1 notice of pending eviction 4.      You will Receive final Eviction Notice. You will slow down, or suffer the consequences. Were all Watching you.