1. Hi Warren here.  The most common question I get every day is about Tree’s. I wish there was a simple answer but there isn’t . every lot has a unique situation. Simply, the trees on your Lot are your Responsibility. Cutting, Trimming, and removal of waste. 2. Speeding still seems to be a large complaint from all the tenants that don’t speed. I am still working on a plan that will affect the speeders and not the rule abiding tenants. 3. Storage is going to be an issue until we complete the new storage compound. Remember storage is not the parks responsibility, It’s Yours.  At the moment all storage spots are taken. This means that you will have to store you units out side the park until spots become available. 4. You were not promised a view. If you would like a view you should consider moving to Deer Ridge. Trees grow, Roofs Change, New units installed, Progress and change are hard to handle. But that’s progress. Were all for it until it affects you. Were very sorry but were just managers following the owners orders. 5. Parking on the road for long periods of time is becoming a problem. We would appreciate you not abusing this rule or we may have to not allow parking road side at all. Please use visitor parking and walk to your destination. This is a safety issue for Ambulances and fire-trucks.     
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