Sorrento Place Construction & Projects Caution:   Buying Older Units    
Construction and Renovations in the Park 1.      I encourage everyone in the park to take out a permit on any type of construction in the park. 2.      Never give anyone all the funds for your project up front. This should be done in 3 or 4 payments as work progresses and final payment should not be given until project is finished. 3.      Make very clear what the obligations of your contractor are to perform in writing. 4.      If any doubt about your contractor, please get references from recent jobs the contractor has performed. Remember, the bad contractors always say their the best. Some times the best at ripping you off. Lots of us are on a fixed income and a $ 1000.00 is a lot of money to loose, not to mention your project is still not done. 5.      We all like to save money, But a bad contractor will cost you more than just your money. It can cost you your sanity, and stress you out to the Max. Please don’t let one of these wolves, dressed like sheep, get involved in your next project. 6.      I find most contractors are very good at one or two types of construction, but very few are good at all aspects of construction. The bad contractor uses lies and smooth talking to get your money, and then later you learn the truth.          
     The project manager of the park is their to guide and inspect your project to see that its done right. The project manager is not looking to stop or not allow you to do your project but to make sure its done to park standards. so when you go to sell your house, the new owners are not required to remove and replace the job that had no permit.      The Project manager has a number of common contracts you can purchase for $ 2.00 cost of printing. Remember your permit from the park is Free. No excuse not to get one.           The Park project Manager is Warren Gagne       Phone 250-675-2771       email